End of an Era (Kpop)

This year has been pretty bad for some of my favorite groups.  The news that they were disbanding was hard to take.  Makes me think of another group that has been out of the spotlight for quite some time, I wouldn’t be that surprised if they were the next group to announce their disbandment.

So, the 2 groups that we know are no longer going to be around are:





Please, SECRET, not this year?  Please release something.



2 Responses to “End of an Era (Kpop)”

  1. zdorama Says:

    Yes, it looks like most of the groups from the original Hallyu “Wave” are either splitting up or members leaving.
    I thought about you when I heard Euaerin and Hyuna were leaving Nine Muses, I know Erin was your bias. Sadly my bias Sera left awhile ago.

    • desertraven2k Says:

      Hey there, yes, you are so right. I forgot to mention the fact that my bias just left 9Muses…maybe I was just trying to forget. It’s pretty brutal, so now I understand your pain. But, I’m still looking at the news as it’s coming, and now, Secret, Rainbow, F(X), and After School are all on the edge of going away. I guess their contracts are up, so now it’s up to the members.

      I know there are some newer groups that are fun and nice to watch, but it’s not the same. Currently my new groups that I’m watching is LaBoum and Lovelyz. Although, Berry Good’s Angel MV is just awesome! They are strong runners!

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