Spring Haul!

Well here it is Springtime, and so many new good songs and videos are coming out, I can’t keep my head straight on what to buy.  I must buy them all!  Okay, relax, breathe…

Okay, all better.  So, I made 2 purchases, one from my Japanese store-site YesAsia, and the second from a great EBay seller Grape Music.  I’ve bought a ton of stuff from that seller, and it’s always been good, I get free posters too.  Yeah, shipping is costly, but once it arrives, I forget all about that.  LOL.  So, without further ado, here are my purchases!


Perfume – Cosmic Explorer.  The new album from the Japanese Pop/Trance group, Perfume.  This one is exactly what you want if you are a fan.  Great songs, fun, but it leaves you wanting more.  And come on, A-chan, Nocchi, and Kashiyuka doing some mean Kung-fu moves in the video gives you chills.20160422_193543


APink – Brand New Days.  I think this is the fifth release for Japan, and it’s good!  You can’t go wrong with these girls, and BoMi.  That’s all I have to say, Bomi for the win.




LaBoum – Fresh Adventure.  Their fourth single album, and in my opinion four out of four winners.  They are always cute and full of energy, this one is the same, if you like LaBoum, you will love them even more after this one.

Another group I consider to have a double bias, SoYeon and YuJeong.  I was watching an interview with them on a recent show, and they revealed that YuJeong was actually the oldest and the leader!  I was floored, I thought she was younger, but she’s actually quite a good person for the others to follow, and dang can she sing.

Another fun song, Journey to Atlantis, this group is now one of my super favorites.



Jun Hyo Seong (Secret) – Colored.  This is her second mini-album.  She’s my bias from Secret (well actually I have a double-bias in Secret, but that was in an earlier post).  So, I had to buy this one, and it’s dang good.  Find Me is a great song, and she looks fantastic in the videos and lives…can’t get enough.  The rest of the CD is good, lot’s of good songs…hang on, I need to listen to it again.




Hong Jin Young – Thumb’s Up.  Second mini-album.I admit, you either love Trot style music or you don’t.  Sure…but….Hong Jin Young is so adorable and sexy at the same time, what’s not to love?  Her pikachu impression will sell you, try not to smile, I dare you.  The song Thumb’s up is a positive song, lot of fun.




4 Ten (Poten) – Jack of all Trades.  This is their first mini album, and it does not disappoint!  If you like this group, and I do, it gathers their last few singles and puts it all in one place.  This group went through some line up changes, and style changes, and name changes, yikes…but thankfully my bias HyeJi is still there (although I think she’s much hotter with red hair).




WJSN (Cosmic Girls) – Would You Like?  Their debut mini-album.  Okay, I admit it, this was an impulse buy, but these girls are cute and energetic.  With girls from Korea and China, they pack a punch.  I look forward to their next release, can they keep up the hype?  Twelve members, a lot of different personalities, so because of that I choose the right to a Double-Bias, and they are Dayoung and YeoReum.



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