Computer Troubles and Lost Passwords

Wow, has it really been almost 4 months since I’ve posted?  Yikes.  Well, I can blame no one but myself.  Well, I guess I can also blame my old computer.  It had a good run though…3 years, and over that time, I can tell, it was getting slower and slower.  And then, Bzzzt.  nothing.  Couldn’t log in to anything, lines on the monitor.  I called 911

911 Operator: What’s the problem?

Me: Uhm, my computer, it’s not moving.

911 Operator: Have you tried CPR, I mean the CPU?

Me: Yes, I tried everything.

911 Operator: Try unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Me: Okay, I know computers, that was the first thing I did. Nothing.

911 Operator: Can you try it again?

Me: Fine, hang on…(20 minutes later) Nope nothing.

911 Operator: Sounds like it’s not going to work.

Me: Well, yeah, that’s why I called.

911 Operator: Sorry, there’s nothing we can do.  Buy a new one.

Me: But, my files are on there!  I need them.

911 Operator: You should have made back ups.

Me: Well, I did, but not the most recent stuff.

911 Operator: You should have made…

Me: Okay, I get it.  I’ll buy a new computer, but what about the old one?

911 Operator: Bury it.

Me: Excuse me?  Bury it?  Why?

911 Operator: Okay, just kidding, just toss it out.

Me: Fine.  Thanks.  I guess.

So, I have a new computer now, got everything back up and running (mostly) and I finally have all my passwords on the websites back.  Including this one.  And just in time too!  I just got a nice haul from Japan and Korea!

Expect a post tomorrow showing all the goodies!

Thanks all, it’s good to be back….


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