Korean Dramas I’ve seen

September 30, 2017

Well, even though I haven’t posted anything, I’ve been knee deep in dramas, and my goodness, there has been quite a lot out there, and it just never ends.  Some were good, some were okay, but I’ve watched quite a few.  I plan on adding more details as I go, but here we go…


My Secret Romance

April 17 – May 30, 2017 (13 Episodes)

Song Ji-Eun


Suspicious Partner

May 10 – July 13, 2017 (40 Episodes)

Nam Ji-Hyun

Nara (of Hello Venus)

Kim Ye-Won


The Best Hit

June 2 – July 22, 2017 (32 Episodes)

Lee Se-Young

Yoon Son-Ha

Bona (of WJSN)


Strong Woman Do Bong-Soon

February 24 – April 15, 2017 (16 Episodes)

Park Bo-Young


Ruler: Master of the Mask

May 10 – July 13, 2017 (40 Episodes)

Kim So-Hyun

Yoon So-Hee


Temperature of Love

September 18 – November 21, 2017 (40 Episodes)

Seo Hyun-Jin

Jo Bo-Ah


Hospital Ship

August 30 – November 2, 2017 (40 Episodes)

Ha Ji-Won

Min A (from AOA)


Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo

August 29 – November 1, 2016 (20 Episodes)


Kang Han-Na

Jin Ki-Joo

Seohyun (of Girl’s Generation)



Shopping King Louis

September 21 – November 10, 2016 (16 episodes)

Nam Ji-Hyun

Im Se-Mi


Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim

November 7, 2016 – January 17, 2017 (20 episodes + 1 special)

Seo Hyun-Jin


Another Miss Oh

May 2 – June 28, 2016 (18 episodes)

Seo Hyun-Jin

Jeon Hye-Bin

Heo Young-Ji



Honey Thighs

September 30, 2017

Long time, no post, but a website came up with a topic that got me thinking…

In Kpop, who has “American thighs”, well, when I think of American thighs, I think of what is also called Honey Thighs, or, just plain nice legs.  So here are a few Kpop beauties that I think have what it takes.

Secret – Jun Hyo Sung


Trot – Hong Jin Young


LaBoum – So Yeon


Dreamcather – SuA


Girl’s Generation – Kwon Yuri


Mamamoo – Wha sa


GFriend – SinB


WJSN – Cheung Xiao


What do you think?


2016 New KPOP

June 19, 2016

With all the graduations and disbanding, I thought I would work on my new groups and bias.  Here we go. As far as I know, these groups are active, and not disbanding.  So, until I hear otherwise, here we go.

Here are my groups and bias.

Tier One –


Jun Hyo Sung and Song Ji Eun

Tier Two –

A Pink

Bomi and Eunji

Crayon Pop

Geom Mi



So Yeon and Yu Jeong


HyoMin and Eun Jung

Tier Three –




Dal Shabet



Girl’s Day

So Jin



Hyun Young and Ji Sook


Yuna and Hye Jeonung

Tier Four –

Girl’s Generation




Baby Soul and Jie Ae


Whee In



JiU and Su A


Jerry and Ji Su


Cao Lu



Sol Ji


Generated by IJG JPEG Library

Berry Good

Seo Yul

berry seoyul


Hyo Ji


Tier Five –


Sin B and Um Ji

WJSN, Cosmic Girls

Yeo Reum and Da Young


Ji Hyo and Tzuyu


Chung Ha




Hyun Joo and Na Eun

Six Bomb

Hun Bit


Oh My Girl

Binnie and YooA

End of an Era (Kpop)

June 13, 2016

This year has been pretty bad for some of my favorite groups.  The news that they were disbanding was hard to take.  Makes me think of another group that has been out of the spotlight for quite some time, I wouldn’t be that surprised if they were the next group to announce their disbandment.

So, the 2 groups that we know are no longer going to be around are:





Please, SECRET, not this year?  Please release something.


Yet another tragedy, Orlando

June 12, 2016

What is wrong with people nowadays…My thoughts go to all the families and friends of the poor victims of this event.


Kpop girl group overload

May 11, 2016

Hey everyone, here we are again, I was watching another new video of a girl group, and I was thinking, Boy, there are a lot of groups out now, maybe too many?  I mean you’ve got your top tier groups, like Girls generation, mid-tier, like 9Muses, T-ara, APink, Mamamoo, and then the lower tier, like Bambino….wow, there are so many groups out there, I can barely keep up with them all.

To me, it seems like the Producer companies are trying to churn out more and more groups, pretty soon, it’s going to be lost, and we won’t know where to look as talent is so diluted, it will be worthless.  Just recently Kpop was turning towards high member count, cutesy groups.  Like, Lovelyz, Twice, Cosmic Girls, and now IOI.  Where does it end?

Don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of very attractive ladies in these groups, and the music is pretty good, but I don’t know, something is lost.  Plus the fact that I jsut read an article that they want yet another group to come out.  Come on, enough is enough, do we want yet another group?

Seems just as fast as new groups spring up, older groups fade away, disband.  Kara, I’m looking at you.  I’m scared to see my favorite groups disappear, I’m looking at Secret here, they are getting successful solo careers and movies, I doubt I’ll see another CD from them.  But, I digress.  I’ll try to list out the current groups, at least on the high level, sure there are tons more, but that list would be too long.




After School / Orange Caramel




Berry Good



Brave Girls

Brown Eyed Girls / M&N



Cosmic Girls (WJSN)

Crayon Pop

Dal Shabet


Dia Girls



Fiestar / Yezi



Girl’s Day

Girl’s Generation

Hello Venus



Ladies’ Code




Melody Day


Miss A

Nine Muses

Oh My Girl (OMG)


Red Velvet






Sunny Hill





Wonder Girls

Year 7 Class 1

Okay, am I forgetting anyone?  Dang, I thought it was difficult to pick a bias in a group, the groups just keep coming!

What do you think?  Too many?  Just enough?  Wow, Just trying to keep up with all the CDs is killing my wallet.

Spring Haul!

April 23, 2016

Well here it is Springtime, and so many new good songs and videos are coming out, I can’t keep my head straight on what to buy.  I must buy them all!  Okay, relax, breathe…

Okay, all better.  So, I made 2 purchases, one from my Japanese store-site YesAsia, and the second from a great EBay seller Grape Music.  I’ve bought a ton of stuff from that seller, and it’s always been good, I get free posters too.  Yeah, shipping is costly, but once it arrives, I forget all about that.  LOL.  So, without further ado, here are my purchases!


Perfume – Cosmic Explorer.  The new album from the Japanese Pop/Trance group, Perfume.  This one is exactly what you want if you are a fan.  Great songs, fun, but it leaves you wanting more.  And come on, A-chan, Nocchi, and Kashiyuka doing some mean Kung-fu moves in the video gives you chills.20160422_193543


APink – Brand New Days.  I think this is the fifth release for Japan, and it’s good!  You can’t go wrong with these girls, and BoMi.  That’s all I have to say, Bomi for the win.




LaBoum – Fresh Adventure.  Their fourth single album, and in my opinion four out of four winners.  They are always cute and full of energy, this one is the same, if you like LaBoum, you will love them even more after this one.

Another group I consider to have a double bias, SoYeon and YuJeong.  I was watching an interview with them on a recent show, and they revealed that YuJeong was actually the oldest and the leader!  I was floored, I thought she was younger, but she’s actually quite a good person for the others to follow, and dang can she sing.

Another fun song, Journey to Atlantis, this group is now one of my super favorites.



Jun Hyo Seong (Secret) – Colored.  This is her second mini-album.  She’s my bias from Secret (well actually I have a double-bias in Secret, but that was in an earlier post).  So, I had to buy this one, and it’s dang good.  Find Me is a great song, and she looks fantastic in the videos and lives…can’t get enough.  The rest of the CD is good, lot’s of good songs…hang on, I need to listen to it again.




Hong Jin Young – Thumb’s Up.  Second mini-album.I admit, you either love Trot style music or you don’t.  Sure…but….Hong Jin Young is so adorable and sexy at the same time, what’s not to love?  Her pikachu impression will sell you, try not to smile, I dare you.  The song Thumb’s up is a positive song, lot of fun.




4 Ten (Poten) – Jack of all Trades.  This is their first mini album, and it does not disappoint!  If you like this group, and I do, it gathers their last few singles and puts it all in one place.  This group went through some line up changes, and style changes, and name changes, yikes…but thankfully my bias HyeJi is still there (although I think she’s much hotter with red hair).




WJSN (Cosmic Girls) – Would You Like?  Their debut mini-album.  Okay, I admit it, this was an impulse buy, but these girls are cute and energetic.  With girls from Korea and China, they pack a punch.  I look forward to their next release, can they keep up the hype?  Twelve members, a lot of different personalities, so because of that I choose the right to a Double-Bias, and they are Dayoung and YeoReum.


Computer Troubles and Lost Passwords

April 22, 2016

Wow, has it really been almost 4 months since I’ve posted?  Yikes.  Well, I can blame no one but myself.  Well, I guess I can also blame my old computer.  It had a good run though…3 years, and over that time, I can tell, it was getting slower and slower.  And then, Bzzzt.  nothing.  Couldn’t log in to anything, lines on the monitor.  I called 911

911 Operator: What’s the problem?

Me: Uhm, my computer, it’s not moving.

911 Operator: Have you tried CPR, I mean the CPU?

Me: Yes, I tried everything.

911 Operator: Try unplugging it and plugging it back in.

Me: Okay, I know computers, that was the first thing I did. Nothing.

911 Operator: Can you try it again?

Me: Fine, hang on…(20 minutes later) Nope nothing.

911 Operator: Sounds like it’s not going to work.

Me: Well, yeah, that’s why I called.

911 Operator: Sorry, there’s nothing we can do.  Buy a new one.

Me: But, my files are on there!  I need them.

911 Operator: You should have made back ups.

Me: Well, I did, but not the most recent stuff.

911 Operator: You should have made…

Me: Okay, I get it.  I’ll buy a new computer, but what about the old one?

911 Operator: Bury it.

Me: Excuse me?  Bury it?  Why?

911 Operator: Okay, just kidding, just toss it out.

Me: Fine.  Thanks.  I guess.

So, I have a new computer now, got everything back up and running (mostly) and I finally have all my passwords on the websites back.  Including this one.  And just in time too!  I just got a nice haul from Japan and Korea!

Expect a post tomorrow showing all the goodies!

Thanks all, it’s good to be back….

My Favorite Japanese Dramas

January 17, 2016

And now, the final post for this current series, my favorite Japanese dramas.  This list was so hard to put together, because there is just so many good dramas to choose from.  So, I went with the ones that really solidified my love for watching.  Here we go…


15 – Lunch Queen ランチの女王


(Made the list because it was the first drama I watched in full)

July 1 – September 16, 2002

Here’s one Western-style food restaurant where good-looking guys with distinctive personalities put their hearts and souls into cooking.It’s a little space where people can experience the joy of eating good food.With the sudden appearance of the Queen of Lunchtime Cuisine, there starts a “love story in the family” that’s as thick and complex as the taste of a demiglace sauce. Here’s a home comedy with a love story with Yuko Takeuchi in the lead role and other great players in the cast. Takeuchi Yuko.


14 – Nodame Cantabile のだめカンタービレ


October 16 – December 25, 2006

+3 movies

An elite meticulous musical genius and a messy out-of-control pianist. This unlike pair somehow matches up and together with a group of colorful young classical musicians and an eccentric world-famous conductor, they start to create the most unique wonderful world of music. They are all against the conventional orders and rules, and try to make the most of their lives with humor and passion for music. Each character has a special (or weird) story to tell and they confront with each other hard and unite strongly. Based on a popular comic, this is a hilarious comedy with brilliant young ensemble cast and full of great classical music.


13 – Hanasaki Mai ga Damatte Inai 花咲舞が黙っていない


Season 1 April 16 – June 18, 2014

Season 2 July 8, 2015

Every day, bank branches encounter various problems like missing money, information leaks, loan problems & breach of duties. Mai Hanasaki’s (#8 Anne Watanabe) job is to go there and fix the problems. She is able to do so, even though she is just a bank clerk without higher level powers. Because of her character, Mai Hanasaki will not keep still when she sees a wrong. She’s willing to stand up for the side of the weak, regardless of the relation between the top and bottom factions of the bank. Hanasaki Mai Speaks Out 2


12 – Shinzanmono 新参者


April 18 – June 20, 2010

In the Ningyo-cho area of Nihonbashi, Tokyo a women is murdered. Detective Kyoichiro Kaga (Hiroshi Abe), who just transferred to the Nihonbashi police precinct, is placed in charge of the murder case. With virtually the entire residents of the Ningyo-cho’s shopping street emerging as suspects Detective Kaga must use his keen sense of deductive reasoning to uncover the truth …

Movie: Shinzanmono The Wings of the Kirin

Kirin no Tsubasa: Gekijoban Shinzanmono 麒麟の翼 ~劇場版・新参者~

Featuring #6 Aragaki Yui

Movie: Shinzanmono Sleeping Forest – Newcomer Special (literal title)

Romaji: Nemuri no Mori – Shinzanmono Special 眠りの森~新参者スペシャル

Featuring #1 Ishihara Satomi


11 – Okitegami Kyoko no Bibouroku 掟上今日子の備忘録


Season 1 October 10, 2015

Season 2 Yes!!

Kyoko Okitegami (#6 Yui Aragaki) is a private detective. She is known as the Forgetful Private Detective. When she wakes up in the morning, her memory is reset. Due to this, she rigidly adheres to a maintenance secret. No matter what case she has, she has to solve the case in a day. On her body, she has an important note that she must never forget.

Even though Yakusuke Kakushidate (Masaki Okada) has a crush on Kyoko Okitegami, he is alway mistaken as the culprit of a case by Kyoko Okitegami. No matter how close Yakusuke Kakushidate gets to Kyoko Okitegami, she totally forgets about him by the next day.


10 – Galileo ガリレオ


Season 1 October 15 – December 17, 2007

Season 2 April 15 – June 24, 2013

3 movies

Manabu Yukawa (Masaharu Fukuyama) is a physicist. He is nicknamed “Galileo” for being a genius and blessed with analytical abilities that even the police look up to. Yukawa’s partner is a female rookie cop, Kaoru Utsumi (#21 Kou Shibasaki). The two set out to unravel mysterious crimes one after another.


9 – Zettai Reido 絶対零度 ~特殊犯罪潜入捜査~


Season 1 July 12 – September 20, 2011

Season 2 April 13 – June 22, 2010

Police detective Izumi Sakuragi is now transferred to the undercover investigation office within the Metropolitan Police Department …Starring #2 Ueto Aya, #9 Yamaguchi Sayaka


8 – Legal High リーガル・ハイ


Season 1 April 17 – June, 2012

Season 2 October 9 – December 18, 2013

2 specials

Attorney Kensuke Komikado (Masato Sakai) loves money, prestige & women, but also has a 100% winning rate when it comes to his legal cases. Machiko Mayuzumi (#6 Yui Aragaki) is a rookie attorney who holds a strong sense of justice & passionate about protecting the weak. She is also awkward and rigid in her work.

One day, due to unforeseen circumstances, Machiko Mayuzumi begins to work at Kensuke Komikado’s law office. The two attorneys constantly clash, but in the courtroom they cooperate to fight as one.


7 – Attention Please アテンションプリーズ


April 18-June 27, 2006

2 specials

Yoko, a sort of modern tomboy, almost by chance gets her sights set stubbornly on becoming a Cabin Attendant (CA), a type of woman the men are all fond of, but a role which is completely out of character for her. (This is a drama about young people including a girl who wishes to work on the stage of big sky) The headstrong Yoko Misaki (#2 Aya Ueto) is a boyish girl who loves rock’n roll but hates dishonesty and has never once worn high heels. A chance comment by one of her friends causes her to aim for the job of a cabin attendant on an airline, which is completely out of character. Although she also feels the work is not up her alley, Yoko starts to prepare for the entrance examination with vigor, exhibiting her inborn never-say-die spirit and miraculously passing the examination. Naively assuming that she would immediately become a cabin attendant upon passing the test, Yoko of course has stiff training awaiting her.


6 – My Boss, My Hero マイ★ボス マイ★ヒーロー


July 8 – September 16, 2006

The show is about Makio Sakaki (榊 真喜男), also known as “Tornado”, a 27-year-old yakuza, who wants to succeed his father at the head of the gang. But Makio is a little dumb, so his father decides to send him back to high school and makes a deal with him: if he can graduate he can become the new leader of the gang. If Makio doesn’t graduate, the position of boss will be given to his younger brother, Mikio. And that is how the hero goes back to school, hiding his identity and age. #6 Aragaki Yui


5 – Kekkon Dekinai Otoko 結婚できない男


July 4 – September 19, 2006

This drama realistically depicts the life of a clumsy 40-year old bachelor known as the man who can’t marry up to when he actually marries. It’s an adult love story with lots of humor. But this isn’t just your ordinary story about a guy who wants to marry and finally reaches his goal. On the contrary, this fellow doesn’t even want to get married! Shinsuke Kuwano, the hero of the series and approaching 40, is a talented architect with better-than-average looks and income. But he’s somewhat pigheaded and self-righteous in addition to being a cynic. He meets up with a woman named Natsumi. Even when facing him head on, Natsumi doesn’t immediately reject him, but also doesn’t completely approve of him, taking a matter-of-fact approach. Confused by this attitude, Shinsuke starts to get emotionally interested in her, but is unable to frankly express his feelings.This encounter with Natsumi brings a lot of action and movement into Shinsuke’s interpersonal relations, which had been in a frigid state up to then. Then several other men and women get involved in these relations, with different love patterns emerging. In the midst of all these developments,Shinsuke and his friends start to ask themselves what marriage is all aboutand what sort of marriage would be a happy one for them.


4 – Jin  – 仁 –


Season 1 October 11 – December 20, 2009

Season 2 April 17 – June 12, 2011

Dr. Jin Minakata (Takao Osawa) attempts to prevent a patient from the hospital from escaping, but instead, falls into a time slip that sends him back in time to the 19th Century. Dr. Minakata struggles to accept his circumstances, but nevertheless, draws on his medical background to help the people of the 19th century Japan …stars #3 Ayase Haruka


3 – Hotaru no Hikari ホタルノヒカリ



Season 1 July 11-September 12, 2007

Season 2 July 7 – September 15, 2010

It is said that many working women in their twenties are clandestinely, sloppy and lazy homebodies. At work, they put on a facade of living it up in glitz and glamour, but at home, they live as ultimate sexless slobs! Hotaru Amemiya (#3 Haruka Ayase), who works in the interior design industry in Tokyo, is truly one such homebody. She would rather sleep than date and loves to dilly-dally at home, clad in a stained T-shirt and sweat pants, drinking beer while scratching her behind. But her comfy homebody life is threatened when one day, her boss, Takano (Naohito Fujiki), moves into her house out of the blue. Then, at work, an up-and-coming young designer, Makoto Teshima (Kazuki Kato) returns from London, and Hotaru’s life takes a new turn. She falls in love! How will the homebody girl respond to Makoto’s bold move? Will she remember how to be feminine again?


2 – Reinoryokusha Odagiri Kyoko no Uso 霊能力者 小田霧響子の嘘



Season 1 October 10 – December 5, 2010

Season 2 Yes, please!

Kyoko Odagiri (#1 Satomi Ishihara) is a beautiful and charismatic clairvoyant. She is also popular and admired by her fans. Today, Kyoko appears on a popular tv show and display her psychic abilities alongside a popular actor. Her performance goes off splendidly with the audience applauding her performance enthusiastically.

Unlike her splashy public persona Kyoko is actually an ordinary girl with a timid personality. Her public persona is actually a creation by Kyoko’s cousin Kaoru Ibushi (Yuko Oshima), who is also the president of an entertainment company that represents Kyoko. Furthermore, Kyoko is forced against her will to perform by Kaoru Ibushi. Sometimes Kyoko attempts to runaway when she has to perform, but is brought back back an black suited organization hired by Kaoru Ibushi.

One day, Kyoko runs away and hides in the men’s bathroom. There she meets Ichiro Taniguchi (Shosuke Tanihara). Right away she asks Ichiro Taniguchi to help her runaway, but he keeps quiet when the black suited men show up. When Kaoru gives her intimidating orders to return, Kyoko quietly goes back to work. Strangely enough, she then crosses paths with Ichiro Taniguchi wherever she works. Ichiro Taniguchi then helps Kyoko Ogagiri solve mystifying paranormal problems.


1 – Trick トリック

Trick 1

Season 1 July 7 – September 15, 2000

Season 2 January 11 – March 22, 2002

Season 3 October 16 – December 18, 2003

2 Specials, 4 movies

Naoko (#4 Yukie Nakama) came to Tokyo to become a great magician, like her father, yet finding it difficult to find a job. She is the one who believes that all supernatural powers and phenomena can be explained by “magic” and has a trick. By chance, she meets Ueda (Hiroshi Abe) who claims himself as the world brightest physician. The two confronts together with psychics, cult groups, fortunetellers, etc. to solve mysterious events and haunting beliefs.

My Favorite K-Drama Actresses

January 16, 2016

I posted about the Japanese drama actresses that I really like, so it’s only fair that I cover the lovely ladies in Korea who are my favorite.  Only twelve this time.  I was able to narrow down the list a bit better, but only just.  What I did is eliminated any actresses who are current Idols.  There’s a few that would have probably made this list.

So, here we go.  After each one, I’ll list some of the dramas I’ve seen them in, and I’ve enjoyed watching.

Number 12 – Lee Mi Do

  • Cheer Up!

K12 Lee Mi Do

Number 11 – Lee Yu Ri

  • Super Daddy Yul (Haven’t seen this one yet, but it’s on my watch list)
탤런트 이유리임현동 기자 hyundong30@joongang.co.kr/2014.10.24/

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

Number 10 – Gianna Jun

  • My Love from the Stars

K10 Gianna Jun

Number 9 – Han Groo

  • Marriage not Dating.
  • Super Daddy Yul (2 actresses I like in the same drama, now you know why it’s on my “to watch” list)

K09 Han Groo

Number 8 – Hang Soo Hyun

  • Jang Ok Jung
  • Honestly, I really loved her on the RoomMate TV Series, shame it was cancelled.

K08 Hong-Soo Hyun-5

Number 7 – Lee Min Jung

  • All About My Romance.
  • Cunning Single Lady

K07 Lee Ming Jung

Number 6 – Lee Yeon Hee

  • Gu Family Book.
  • Miss Korea.

K06 Lee Yeon Hee

Number 5 – Yoo In Na

  • Secret Garden (if you haven’t see this one, it’s a must watch!)
  • Queen In Hyun’s Man
  • My Love from the Stars
  • My Secret Hotel

K05 Yoo In Na

Number 4 – Kim Tae Hee

  • IRIS
  • Jang Ok Jung

K04 Kim Tae Hee

Number 3 – Kong Hyo Jin

  • The Greatest Love
  • Master’s Sun (another must watch!)
  • It’s ok, that’s Love
  • The Producers
K03 kong hyo jin

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

Number 2 – Ha Ji Won

  • Secret Garden
  • King 2 Hearts

K02 Ha Ji Won

Number 1 – Shin Min A

  • My Girlfriend is a Gumiho (I own this one on DVD it’s so good)
  • Arang and the Magistrate
  • Oh My Venus

K01 shin-min-ah3

Since I’m on the subject, here are my Top 10 (yeah, only 10) Favorite K-Dramas.

10 – Cunning Single Lady


9 – Marriage not Dating


8 – The Producers


7 – My Love from the Stars


6 – Cheer Up!


5 – On My Venus


4 – Gu Family Book


3 – Secret Garden


2 – Master’s Sun


1 – My Girlfriend is a Gumiho